CAP 30 - Part 14 - Item Name Submissions

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Item Name WIP

Chromera Atramenta

I'm leaning into the thematic and competitive similarities between CAP29 and 30 (especially 30b) and outright providing a flavour relationship between the two Pokemon. The name itself is self-explanatory: Atramentum is Latin for ink (-a suffix is the nominative plural form), and the inks are from Chromera. The idea is also pretty self-evident: feeding on Chromera's ink supercharges CAP30 and spurs it to change, much like how Slowpoke has a flavour relationship with Shellder, or Shelmet and Karrablast.


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Alchemical Inkwell

This one runs deep. I think Alchemy over strict magic is much more futting for this Pokémon's lore, and it can be seen as transforming your thoughts to reality on a page as alchemy of sorts (even Google agrees). The object is also obviously an Inkwell and the words flow nicely.
Item Name WIP 2

Vial of Dye

I’m fond of the possible :chromera: connection others are playing with, because I find the implicit dynamic of right-brain-Chromera and left-brain-30b, and the implications of what happens when the two mix into 30i, really interesting.

However, I find the existing submissions hinting at this connection too on-the-nose. IMO, the best way to convey that sort connection is to hint at it subtextually. Make it more of a fun easter egg attentive players could piece together on their own, rather than some weird lore we splash in their face.

Hence, “Vial of Dye”.

Dye is distinct from ink, in that you’d never think to call something you’d write in a book with “dye”. It’s a generic term for any coloring substance; its connotations are near-exclusively artistic, and may refer to various powders, paints, or fluids that aren’t even possible to write in a book with.

However, dye and ink are similar enough, and the name “vial of dye” non-specific enough, that many wouldn’t bat an eye, or question why it has such an effect on 30. A perfect way to hide hidden meanings, as it’s inoffensive to those who don’t care.

Additionally, “dye” ties directly into 30i gaining Tinted Lens. It is the substance that tints 30i’s lenses, be it literally or metaphorically.

Finally, “vial” and “dye” sound like “vile” and “die”, fitting the more general supernatural Poison-type flavor.

Tainted Ink

The ink is tainted with a mysterious substance which makes 30b go berserk and turn into 30i. Also "Tainted" sounds like "tinted" which references 30i's Ability.
Item Name WIP

Vexing Vial

A mysterious vial full of unidentifiable ink. This name leaves its true nature up to interpretation.
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